Mr and Mrs Billings Wedding Day

Saturday 26th April saw Wilson White Photography capture the beautiful wedding of the lovely Sam and Sheryl. Situated in acres of stunning and exquisite scenery, this venue had plenty for us to work with! Where do we begin? … How about the breathtaking view over the entire Rutland Water Lakes, or the perfectly designed time share lodges that drape over the immaculate landscaped lawn…take your pick.

We began meeting with the Bride and her Bridesmaids for a morning of laughter, fun and pampering. Dressed in matching Minnie mouse Onsies, these ladies were evidently each others world. The friendship between them captured perfectly while helping each other with their pristine hair and make up. Ted Baker subtly a theme here, with designer dresses hanging in the light beaming through the huge windows. We set to work on photographing all of the wedding details. The flowers, the engagement ring, the dresses, the shoes (also Ted Baker). The joy on Sheryls face as she watched us position her wedding pieces together for their photos.

Ted Baker Shoes

Ted Baker Shoes

The moment of dressing arrived and we decided on using natural lighting to photograph this precious moment, we strongly oppose our photography becoming noticeable, or dominant in a room where it should feel nothing but natural. After all, this is no photo shoot, this is a wonderful couples BIG DAY!

The bridesmaids tending to their bride and slipping her designer shoes onto her feet, like she is their cinderella. She definitely looks ready for her entrance!

We await the arrival of her father, who is clearly blown away by her beauty. The moment a Loving Father sees his daughter for the first time on her wedding day, has become very anticipated at Wilson White, and we capture this for all to look back on, Al, is a very proud father indeed. We move on to the ceremony, and the room is filled with eager family and friends, full to the brim and bursting with love. The Groom awaits his future wife. Clearly blown away by everyones admiration, Sheryl looks around the room to all as she walks to her soon to be Husband, Sam. Creating the most excited, happy and innocent of looking photographs.

Snapping away at the bride and groom, we can see all eyes on them as they take their Vows. ‘We now pronounce you Husband and Wife’

The fantastic family and friends cheer and clap, and wow do they have a celebration! We continued to snap as they made their exit, then leaving the to be congratulated by family and friends. The day flows smoothly and so does the fun, the best man and the Ushers give us some shots to remember. At Wilson White we shoot as we see, with a little direction. We create beautiful images by judging their personality, and to for what we want to shoot. We begin organising a fabulous confetti shot, with cones of endless confetti made by the bride herself! Confetti is usually the one thing that is forgotten at weddings…not at this one! We have a play with the very well behaved children with the confetti, and capture Sheryl also having fun with them too.

The sun sets and we bring them onto the immaculate terrace, with the views behind them. A warm inviting sunset awaits them for their final private photos, and wow what a sunset it is. Streaming with vibrant oranges and fiery reds, the clouds thickened with the evening blacks

Sunset Beauty

Sunset Beauty


Christmas Cards

So it’s Christmas time and I’m sure if you’re like me you would have forgotten almost everything and it’s all a bit of a rush? If you’re struggling for ideas and running out of cash try making a present or card rather than just buying any old thing that you find last minute.
Now when I say make something, I don’t mean Blue Peter style, here’s one I made earlier, but something that shows you cared enough to make it and spent the time on it.
Why not try to make your own Christmas cards, all you need is a nice piece of card, a nice photograph and some imagination. Here’s one I found on which highlights the use of a classic photo and a bit of creativity.




If, however you’re into the very shabby chic and Cath Kidston style of today you like yours with a little more of a country cottage twist to them, then something like this one might be a bit more up your street.
Shabby Chic Christmas Card

Whatever you do this Christmas, however you do it…….Have a great Christams & Happy new year!!!!

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